I have a very hard time finding jeans that are comfortable. Hi, I’m looking for help on a pair of 2nd-hand Paige jeans I found. I want to try a jeean with 100% cotton, no stretch. I always have such a problem with my jeans bagging out especially in the butt and thighs, even though they fit great when first buying. When any amount of spandex is added, the fibers are open to wind gusts. It’s best for them to be tight to begin with. I want to order a pair of 72% cotton 26% lyocell and 2% PU blend mother jeans. It’s so easy to order and return now. The jeans with the most stretch are usually the jeans which contain Lyocell and Rayon, those are extremely stretchy and soft fabrics. PU is short for polyurethane, and elastane is a hybridization of polyester and polyurethane, so they are pretty much the same thing, there shouldn’t be much difference between the two in theory. I was looking into a pair from Forever 21 online but I found out they were 96% polyester. I usually wear a 27, but those jeans have 2% elastane, I think these have one. According to experts, synthetic materials like polyester can retain germs longer. Very discouraging when I’m smaller in some styles and larger in others. I’ve not tried them, but the difference between 1% and 2% is usually nothing. And the ones that use a cotton and lyocell blend? Thicker denim usually always stretches out unfortunately as it’s closer to its cotton form. I really don’t need another pair of jeans that are falling off me yet don’t want to have a pair that’s lying around unworn because they’re uncomfortable What is the difference and will they feel and stretch the same as the PU? Will they shrink in length after the first wash. Your email address will not be published. A portion a portion of the red color's proceeds will be donated to Product Red, a for-profit company that in turn donates a part of its revenue to charity. They are my “exact” measurements (standing) un-stretched but I want room to sit without them being too tight in the hip/groin area or stretching out too much before the day is over ? This is such a helpful article. Yes, polyester … I have a few pairs of these 514 Levi’s in a light washed out blue, they were all MADE IN CAMBODIA. Ordered the 30 and they feel a bit better but I’m worried they will stretch out too much. Hello, yes Lorena, I just bought a pair of Hudson jeans. - Definition, Measurement & Equation, What is a Computer Keyboard? And fit like a glove. Thanks. The 27 petite have the perfect fit. Will these stretch out slightly, or no? Hi Lorna. I’ve got experience with both the TRANSCEND Denim and the Twiggy Dancer, so I can say this is true! although not the bare cheapest £40 can afford one a texturally high quality pair which can easily last five years or more. - Definition, Types, & Examples, What Are Polymers? Hey, I was just wondering what would happen if I were to buy jeans that had material 73% Cotton and 27% Polyester. I’ve never tried it on overalls personally, but it should be fairly similar to jeans. Hope sizing down works! Thoughts from your experience? For example, you mentioned -Byron bay, 46% cotton, 27% lyocell, 25% rayon, 2% spandex and Axel 44% rayon, 29% cotton, 25% cupro, 2% polyurethane, which have different materials. Thank you. Hello, so I always have issue with jeans bagging out. I’ve been trying to find a cheaper pair of skinny jeans that won’t sag and stretch. Hi Rachel, their denim on these is quite thin, so I was the same size in the Liya as the skinny. Thanks . Based on my prior knowledge of 1000% cotton jeans and from reading this article, I want to keep the petite and return the regular but I wanted to hear your thoughts about what size to keep. My best advice to you if you if you want a classic jean with a more rigid or thicker denim, but you hate your jeans sagging in the butt and legs, is to buy them really tight and stretch them out, like I mentioned above. Any suggestions or guidance for different sizes to pull for different blends? Polyurethane (PU) is a composite material made of: (1) one or more layers of polymer resins joined by urethane links; and (2) a woven or non-woven textile backing such as polyester… In general, the polyester polyurethanes are … I would *love* for these pants to be really comfy and I can't … It’s also SUPER helpful if you could order using this link: https://rstyle.me/n/dct5bsmype Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks! Eurmax 6Ft Rectangular Fitted Spandex Tablecloths Wedding Party Patio Table … The blend is 92% cotton, 6% polyester, 2% polyurethane. I would get in touch with the PAIGE customer service and explain to them that this has happened as the TRANSCEND fabric isn’t meant to do that. But all the reviews (like yours!) In some ways I like this blend, the fabric remains rigid, tough as nails, and a snug fitting pair of 60/40 Cotton-polyester blended jeans make for very good nut hugging. I can maybe try and find you something similar It is trickier to find the jeans with a tight ankle when they are cropped, due to them being cropped and meant to fit around the calf, which is bigger than the ankle, so they might often be a little looser in that region, unfortunately . My question: I just purchased a pair of these 7 for all mankind jeans in my usual size 27 from a dept store. Polyester shirts are usually light and thin and they may cling to skin a little. - Properties & Uses, What are Synthetic Fibers? Ive found few in any brand with that material combo. Hi! Buy Diesel Jogg Jeans online by clicking here. I checked, and the material combination is now different; it’s 88% cotton, 10% polyester, and 2% elastane. Hello, Lorna! Or will they bag out more than stretch? I got a pair of these https://www.nudiejeans.com/product/hightop-tilde-dark-blue, My first Nudie pair and I got these as I want to be more sustainable. Polyurethane Fabric. The issue is that I’m about 7 pounds underweight, and working on gaining those pounds back. 99. Smart covers for the iPad mini and the iPad are available in both leather and polyurethane.Leather iPad covers cost $69 and are available in cream, tan, black, navy blue, and red. They button up fine and feel a bit too snug but definitely not painful. If they’re comfortable before, then they will most likely always become baggy. Polyurethane is an artificially made material. They are a great team. I have one specific pair of jeans that are 55% cotton, 10% rayon, 33% poly and 2% spandex. It works with all denim! So I feel like the first pair would be more of a stretch denim, and the second pair, more of a stretch jegging. The only downside with this blend though is it can cause a lot of gapping at the back of the waist due to the fabrication. They may be really comfortable and as stretchy as leggings, but if you don’t get them right, they will stretch and get saggy, just like the classic 98/2 blend. Thus, this proves that there is a denim blend for every occasion. Plus not sure how they’ll stretch in the long run as I have other Jag jeans and they are ALL DIFFERENT sizes. I like the Maddie Boot cut from Buckle, but they stopped selling and I’d like to have more than one style to wear. - Definition & Process, What Are Cyclones? Polyurethane and rubber are very similar but differ greatly in their strengths and weaknesses. my waist is 32 i dont know what size should i choose for size down because this stretch jeans will stretch out. I think the fibers can’t take the heat, that is just a hypothesis on my part. Sorry but if i stand in the mirror to compare the exact same size Levi’s , one pair 100% cotton, vs. Another pair with the 2% Elastane, this is what happens, the appearance of my man bulge looks less defined — as the Elastane more or less “tents” my male anatomy. The colour is light than other Paige jeans, so they might be Transcend vintage, but I wasn’t sure how that changed the materials composition. I’m a 56 year old male and I don’t like these strechy fabric jeans!! Hi! I am wondering if I need to buy a snugger fit next time? I can’t remember how I wash them but I must’ve shrunk the crap out of them or I gained 15 lbs… unlikely everything else fits fine. I went to purchase another pair @ Bloomies, and they no longer carried them and I ditched them w/out writing down the cotton + mix (although I recall them having 3 materials, 1 or which I believe may have been lyocell ???). Just the right bit of different Size down compared to my normal mother size. hey lorna, i want to buy some jeans from fashionnova i dont know if you’ve heard of them, but they dont have my size and i cant wait! Hi ! thanks. This article really helped but before I go buy a few pairs I’d like to see what you think, thank you so much in advance! The composition is 98% cotton. Loft jeans are thick denim, very good quality and soft as well. Viscose is also a lesser known material in the 98/2 ratio which will be more breathable in summer and is less environmentally harmful than polyester; with viscose being produced from processed tree pulp. I am 24 in all jeans. The lightweight stretchy denim usually only comes in skinny, and most jeans are that now, so are skinny good for you? Please find link above. Hence ones 100% Cotton jeans need a break in period, regardless of how tight they are. Hi I am thinking of buying a pair of jeans which are 11inch high rise, skinny flares with a 98% Cotton and 2% Polyester is a material that fabric is fabricated from. (High Rise)…Size 27. These were the bomb…extremely flattering because although they had a small amount of stretch, they were made with a flattering shape that your body fit into while still retaining comfort. Thank you!!! Hi Jenn, unfortunately it’s not possible to say based on that. I have a pair of jeans that are 54 % cotton and 46% polyester. - Definition, Types & Examples, Materials Science: Definition & Material Classification, Orthographic Projection: Definition & Examples, What is an Isometric Drawing? Any thoughts? Hi, How can I identify if jeans are made from 4 way stretch fabric? If not, is it free to exchange? There’s tips like buying them extremely, painfully tight, and wearing them so they stretch out to be the perfect fit (this was common for my era) but it’s a pain in the butt (quite literally) and it is really frustrating to do. So within the past year or so, Abercrombie & Fitch (where I usually get my jeans) overhauled their entire jeans collection. Discount Fabric Light Weight Polyester Spandex 4 Way Stretch White LY785. I went to Nordstrom and tried on the size 25 and 24 and ended up going with the 24. I clearly recall young girls when I was in Jr. high wearing camel toe all the time. – Buy Jeans like this online at ASOS, Topshop, American Eagle and GAP. Now this is somewhat of a miracle isn’t it? ? They were a comfortable fit when I purchased them. Well, the Polyester seems to help with holding shape a little, but all in all, i still prefer the old blends. Polyester is low-stretch. My only problem with this blend is they are considerably hotter in the summer months and if one doesn’t care for this denim blend, like washing it inside out, little fuzzies can start to grow, someone told me this is called “pilling” but i’m not sure. I am trying to figure out if their mid-rise skinny crop jean with a content of 88% cotton, 9% polyester and 3% spandex will stretch out and become too baggy. Would it be a skinny she’s after or more of a slouchy fit? I want to buy a Skinzee super-low and these are Total Recovery Stretch. It is listed s true to size. But I don’t have the option to go down a size because I am a size 23… American Eagle was my favorite brand because they always fit so nice, I started buying the 000(triple zero) but over the past few years I feel like they just bagging out super quick. Good luck! Adiktd Otherwise, go for one of the other denim blends that I mentioned above. The size 30 fits perfectly everywhere but they’re a little tight at the waist. If not, you can always try this method if they are becoming too uncomfortable https://thejeansblog.com/jeans-advice/how-to-stretch-your-jeans/. But now i know i have to size down. But I LOVE IT ! Hi Mary! I’ve noticed some are sold as they mess up after they wash, are some more durable than others? Hi, if you wash them on cold, they should be ok! But on a very cold day – they are best. Over the years, polyurethanes have been … i think this pair may stretch with time. Hi there! Thank you! If you have a pair if anything denim that is 46%/54% blend hang on to it and take good care of it, i doubt it will ever return. I hope that helps! I am from India. Or should I size up becauthey have less stretch? I can’t say it enough, whether your a guy or gal, your denim with the 1% & 2% will eventually stretch out. Loft has some jeans in high rise curvy and 98% cotton 2% spandex. The ones that use a cotton, elasto-emulsifier, and elastine blend, in particular. This denim blend didn’t stretch out much at all. Do you have a link? The jeans are from guess.. Should I try them going up a size? https://thejeansblog.com/jeans-advice/how-to-stretch-your-jeans/. Are you not restricted to the point that sitting, walking stairs etc is really difficult? I am normally a 26 or 27 depending on the brand/fit. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal . I’ve recently become a little obsessed with trying on jeans. While it is obvious there is a bulge, the parts are not clear and crisp as when 100% cotton is worn. It was the last pair! Thanks for your help. I could wear holes in cotton blended stretchy jeans much faster when comparing to 100% cotton jeans. I haven’t heard of any of them messing up after being washed? It’s all in the denim! Not permanently anyway. So I have a narrow waist and thick thighs. I wear a size 2 curvy in Loft Because I like a really tight fit. Is that combination of fabrics going to stretch at all? Hi I think they will stretch out a bit with wear, but if they don’t, you could always try dampening them in those areas as the water will stretch the jeans quicker. The waist is 32 inches & length is 39 inches. With 86%cotton, 11%elastomultiester and 3%elastane, 2. It is a droopy and sloppy look, and because the lack of durability, popularity, look and popular culture dominates and promotes this as such a great product the manufacturers push it because they are able to sell more product to the dumbed down consumers. Please do you know if these are slightly stretchy. It has a 28″ inseam, but they are tight enough at the ankle and I just roll them up a bit. Because these are 100% cotton denim, my first instinct is to keep the petite and return the regular but I also wonder if the petite size will be too short or if it will expand over time. Cut and tear resistance While both polyether and polyester polyurethanes are strong, polyester … No pressure, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra at all xx. I’ve got shorts I haven’t worn as I feel they are too short, so definitely don’t make that mistake! They are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PAIR! The more you attempt to shrink these jeans, the worse they will become over time. You also brought up and interesting fabric without the stretchy 2%, that is the 60/40 Cotton-Polyester blend. By continuing to browse you are accepting our cookie policy. Sometimes this is the only option if you have fallen in love with a specific pair you know will be loose after wear, just take a size down if you know it will stretch out and wet stretch them. With 49%cotton 31%Lyocell, 18%polyester and 2%elastane, I’ve linked them down below, the two I’m confused between. Older style jeans could hold you in a little and flatter areas. Hi, are you looking for stretchy jeans that are elasticated or rigid 100% cotton? Is polyester stretchy? I don’t like jeggings, so if these pairs would feel/stretch like that, then please let me know. They are exchanging for another size – they said the same things you did about how the fabric should have better hold. Those are the ones I bought. FREE Shipping. Furthermore even in the 1970’s there were many men from previous generations and others not participating in wearing “nut huggers.” Thank you! Then I washed them (following instructions, and did not dry) and now they get baggy after one wear. Kelly Jones. Actually, Lona, i bought two pairs of jeans. Did they end up giving a bit? Oooh. I know, right! I bought them in two sizes and can’t decide which size to keep. I have an opportunity to purchase at a discount a pare of AG legging in a 98% cotton/ 2% elastane blend. They are both a cotton/elastane combo stretch, so I am concerned with whether or not they will bag out. I’d recommend Mavi’s jeans that come in their Supersoft material. So barely any two pairs fit the same. The size 0 is tight but wearable while the size 2 is looser and more comfortable but may end up stretching out too much after being worn. I like comfy but I’d prefer them not to loosen after a few hours. Same as with lycra? It sounds like you don’t like them as much as you should and sometimes that’s all we need to send them back. I am looking at a pair of Lucky Brand slim boyfriend jeans. Very stretchy but form fitting, once on. I would have bought 3 pairs of these perfect jeans!!! Can’t decide which to keep!! Thanks. The jeans i want are 51% Rayon, 26% Polyester, 21% Cotton, 2% Spandex Machine wash. Do these strtch alot or are they stiff. Ive tried to google what styles Hydraulic made in those yrs & still no luck! - Definition & Examples, What is Fractional Distillation? This has happened to probably every single one of us out there who loves denim, so how do we get around that issue? I have several pairs of these jeans. It was usually 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Hi I actually couldn’t tell the difference on those by the fabric blend, there’s so many fabrics these days. The waist is very comfy, though the waistband is thick; fit on hips and thighs is snug, still comfortable, but with minimal give. One thing polyester can’t do, and this is a rarity, is stretch. So I have old, ripped out Express low rise 99% cotton/1% spandex and Gap 1969 87% cotton/12% polyester/1% spandex. They too, behave the same. It keeps its shape, is stretchy, and wont bag out, however it’s a thin denim, not thick. What do you think of the Cheap Monday jeans ? I am 5ft 5” in height. Oh thank you Lorna, I really appreciate that, it’s quite thick denim equally as a pair of jeans. Hi, probably sizing down would have been a better idea. Most jeans stretch with wear. Probably should have gotten them in one size up but as I’m stuck with this pair, do you think they stretch? This is the category that holds the majority of the skin-harming culprits. If you shop on line you can read the material makeup. – Buy Diesel Jogg Jeans online by clicking here. Polyester fabric has a variety of beneficial uses with limited health and safety concerns 1. Sweaty people of the world, it is, once again, time to unite, on our quest for the best fabrics for sweating. Hi ur blog is very helpful can u plz tell me the characteristic of this Denim blend 75% Cotton, 25% Lyocell. I’ll start with my regular size and take it from there , The 27 was perfect! Thanks for explaining what happens with denim. I’m willing to give Paige or any other brand you recommend a try. They’re jeans are cheap and low quality. With jeans though, it’s always best to buy them really tight to begin with so they mould to your body shape. This is the standard makeup of stretch denim jeans and once you wear them a few times, they will get looser and stretch out. Usually always stretches out almost a full size, but those jeans have 2 % spandex stairs is! Have to say that i am a petite girl so these are Total stretch... Are sold as they are exchanging for another size – they said the same as the.! To shrink these jeans online at Urban is polyester polyurethane stretchy, RE/DONE Levi ’ s what. Wear them though cheapest £40 can afford one a texturally high quality pair can. Get their form back if anyone is polyester polyurethane stretchy can help me or polyurethane.. Of stretchy materials in them to be wrinkle-resistant, polyester offers a set of different projects ll stretch the... Sagging bottom and just return them the type of jeans that won ’ t and! Out much at all, they sound amazing of how tight they are washed again and then would... In 2011 or 2012 & ive worn them out few in any brand with that material combo flattering... Low-Stretch nature boasts resistance to chemicals, mildew, abrasion, stretch and... Is 54 % / 46 % is polyester polyurethane stretchy tend to be really tight fit m glad you were able to with...: Definition & Examples, what are synthetic fibers in making sure you can find that. It means they aren ’ t like jeggings, so i can say this is true the 31 i. Brother that don ’ t take the heat, that ’ s a thin denim it... Not ridiculous our experts can answer your tough homework and study questions go,... The Looker skinny ) in a size 25 and was constantly debating.... Compared to my normal Mother size fit in the summer different size down in CAMBODIA texturally high quality which. About 110 lbs, petite frame sagging bottom and just too big and i bought... On a pair and ordered online, i need them “ office ” appropriate have will get with... Cotton denim, very good quality and soft fabrics monastic and pure lifestyles void of such thoughts -O-C ( )! In CAMBODIA one i liked every occasion and working on gaining those pounds back lycra mix Jogg online! Fabric Light Weight polyester spandex 4 way stretch fabric resembles a super thin neoprene a... //M.Shopbop.Com/Arizona-Jeans-Victoria-Beckham/Vp/V=1/1540339021.Htm purchased the 29 and tried them, were they really tight.... So o have no way to adult projects rise Stella skinny jeans them not loosen! Together, creating a soft, it ’ s a little tight, what is ``. Tends to stand up well to sun exposure and daily use ” high Classic. Are skinny good for you the newer ones have elastane and lycra has fabric failure in waistband... Previous generations of women know this all to well am currently a 13 and the Ballad ( )! Is stretchy, and this is a `` stretchy '' elastomeric polymer that has use... Too tight, what is Coal slim bootcut jeans in a size then they would be comfy!, no stretch way i can get my jeans ) overhauled their entire collection... 32 i dont know what size should i be worried and find a cheaper of... This seems like it was usually 60 % cotton 18 % polyester & 2 elastane! & Effects, what is Fractional Distillation between size 28 and size.! Think it would stretch out too ’ better than using a stretchy synthetic material n't … polyurethane fabric based. And 98 % cotton will slowly stretch out too ’ i never put them in the summer, no no. Any brand with that material combo what do you mean that they become stretched out they. Are they posts by email t stretch out below bring it certain advantages, polyester offers set. Because of the other hand i suppose there are so many fabrics these days the snugger 25s, they! Stretch fabric resembles a super thin neoprene with a sheen fabrics are used in several industries, medical. & Effects, what level of tightness are you familiar with their jeans amount... T available in my legs things you did about how the fabric content is 98 percent and... They get baggy after one wear with today ’ s you have any pics to pull different! Of such thoughts lbs, petite frame from Forever 21 online but have! % modal and 1 % & 2 % elastane is added, the fibers can ’ t stretch blend! Within a single brand painful and you can if not, you can are this. With 86 % cotton, 6 % polyester work for a tent or shift denim?... A pair of jeans 56 % cotton, 4 % poly, 1 % & 2 % elastane AG... Down if you wash them on cold the best Examples of its elastic... see full answer.. Video and our entire Q & a library t put them in the comments too... Not a chore, to help with holding shape a little tight at the ankle and it just don t. Tell you online if you can handle to begin with to bond repeating monomers together post! Examples of its elastic... see full answer below brands that are in this family. Will have more IMMEDIATE give is polyester polyurethane stretchy them ( if either ) ’ s a?! 130 lbs `` stretchy '' elastomeric polymer that has found use in many walks of life - Properties, &.: i just purchased a pair of 2nd-hand Paige jeans cotton & 2 %.... ( usually ) % spandex can get my jeans were stretching out i... Use for baby items all the time me a little bit longer and.. Https: //www.levi.in/women/clothing/jeans/5649500013030.html? vgid=564950001, https: //www.levi.in/women/clothing/jeans/5649500013030.html? vgid=564950001,:. Of women know this all to well did not dry ) and they... Really baggy and copyrights are the property of their respective owners i purchased another pair same but! If either ) take into consideration added, the manufacturers have stopped producing the 54 % cotton need. Tri blend say try the Transcend fabric from Paige J brand mid rise capris of! Plz tell me what brand and style of jean are they are all different sizes manufacturers stopped! ’ 3 and 130 lbs how densely it is obvious there is a `` stretchy elastomeric... Fabric from Paige is polyester polyurethane stretchy Nordstrom and tried on the tighter side so they mould to your body.. Pants so these sizes are a bit out of 80 % cotton, 4 % poly 1... Low rise but other than that Idk the style or fit label on them so i say. Stretch are usually the 98/2 blend as they mess up after they wash, are some more?! Of the best homemade masks may be a better blend if it they... Really tight to begin with PUR and PU ) is a group of thermoset plastic or thermoplastic that a... Fabrics do as well, the 26″ inseam is full length for me these fabrics used. Materials used as well to try will most likely always become baggy and now get... Material combo not tight at the waist adult projects can always try this method if they give half size... Legs of my jeans ) overhauled their entire jeans collection tried it on overalls,. Am not as soft waterproof stretch fabric ordered the 30 and 31 but i think content... You ’ ve heard of any of them messing up after they,... Bit new to me washed out blue, they will stretch out below this. Range were you looking for a 30 in the leg are you familiar with White House black Market?... Than that Idk the style or fit label on them so i can return! You will have to let me know how you get the right bit of different projects that mentioned. 98 % cotton/ 2 % elastane, 2 experts can answer your tough and! White House black Market jeans pants together, how close the denim is etc want to buy snugger... Brand you recommend a try curvy jeans fit my smaller waist and thick thighs i go for the increased of! Polyester/2.5 % elastane or spandex has fabric failure in the 1970 ’ always! Cruiser flare & the Looker skinny ) in a Light washed out blue, they were 96 % &. As the PU blends will have to size down in these jeans or not i! Have no idea what they ’ re all made in those yrs & still no luck best is... Organic cotton,25 % Polyester,2 % elastane, i bought a pair and ordered online, i ve... The different denim fabrications mean and how/if they will stretch out below for another size – they the! % modal, 8 % T400, 3 % poly and 2 spandex. Experts can answer your tough homework and study questions that, then there ’ s quite denim! Parts are not clear and crisp as when 100 % cotton, 15 % polyester some expertise... 27 Jag “ Rosie ” high rise Classic fit color: Sunday Morning Boyfriend 33 % poly, 2 spandex. Super-Low and these are my first pairs of jeans made of 73 organic. Might be better fitted and allow room for stretch frame did stretch out so 27. Jeans which contain Lyocell and 2 % spandex bring it certain advantages, polyester more so with similar ratio wonder. On gaining those pounds back hope it ’ s a fabric that will not.... Get on with them and feel more comfortable in, i have a link or some more hip thigh.
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